What is the importance of skilled labor in the construction industry?

November 13th, 2023

The lack of a competent and specialized workforce has a direct impact on the daily progress of construction projects. Whether due to small accidents or catastrophic oversights that affect the solidity or structure of the construction in question, the lack of professional qualifications can result in much greater losses than the amount a construction company would invest in skilled labor.

Some studies in the construction market indicate that a construction company can save about 30% by investing in skilled professionals. This is because a qualified and experienced worker knows exactly how much and what materials to use in each situation, avoiding wastage of mortar, cement, bricks, sand, etc.

Another issue arising from the lack of skilled labor in the construction industry is the occurrence of execution flaws. Poorly executed work not only necessitates redoing what was not done well, delaying the project, but also requires additional expenditure on materials, with all the associated costs for the company and, in some cases, for the end customer.

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